Love and Nightmares EP

About The EP

Love and Nightmare is an album focused on situations of love, the challenges, the happy times, the sad times and the beautiful moments. It tells of tales that summarizes the fact that perfect love is not perfect but through those imperfections we can build a perfect relationship.
The recording of this EP started early 2019 during a period where En Kay B was recording some series of songs, hiphop songs, afro-fusion songs, afro-hiphop, afrobeats. En Kay B decided to use that opportunity to add up most of the songs as an EP but he needed a target on which the selection of the songs will be focused on. En Kay B then brought up the title of Love and Nightmares and sat down with his team to chose the best 6 songs that will cover the topic the title of the EP is based on. Out of the lot of songs, 6 songs made it to the list. 1. All for you 2.My Fire 3.Your Love 4.I Pray 5. What About Me? and 6.Gyae Me (Let me go). This EP was then released on 26th of April, 2020. This EP was released to serve as an usher in for great things to come from En Kay B. This EP is the introduction of what En Kay B is about to unleash. The EP is solely produced by Beat Beast. This is the start of something great

A summary of the EP

Love and Nightmares started last year when I decided to start recording a series of love songs that I wanted to release as singles but then it hit me that these songs could work out as an actual album because the songs were kind of linked in a way

Tracklist and My Favorite

Creating this EP I ended up enjoying all of the songs on it but then I had a favorite. Watch the video and find out My favorite on the EP

One on One with the producer

We had a one on one with the producer of Love and Nightmares EP where he answered some few questions and dropped some pointers for up and coming artiste.

Some Milestones since the release of the EP

Love and Nightmares EP has achieved some milestones 2 weeks after its release


PLUS streams on soundcloud

Massive streams on Soundcloud with new followers and fans on soundcloud


PLUS views on youtube

Massive YouTube views of the Lyrics videos, attracting new subscribers yearning for more content

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